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Deutschland Goldschmiede Selbiger, Viola Hermann, Anke Schmidt-Siegesmund, Martha Irene Leps, Hilde Janich Dänemark Marie-Louise Kristensen, Sabine Majus Hansen Estland Mari Relo-Šaulys, Ülle Voosalu, Katrin Veegen Finnland Kirsi Kaasinen, Matti Kärsämä, Heli Kauhanen, Ilona Treiman, Eeva Väänänen Griechenland Sotiria Togia, Konstantinos Georgopoulos, Vasilis Giampouras Grossbritanien Gesine Garz, Poppy Porter, Farah Qureshi indonesia Gina Bulgamin Italien Kimi Te, Franco Lipparini, Michaela Eger Lettland Guntis Lauders Litauen Audrius Bagočius, Karolis Černeckis, Adolfas Šaulys, Marius Zakaras Mexico Amy Torello niederlande Lesley Zijlstra-Eyre, Suzanne Frieling, Marike Hauser Norwegen Nina Vedeler Svendsen Polen Marianna Stelmach, Katarzyna Wojcik Portugal Gabriel Ribeiro, Susana Teixeira Spain Lorenzo Pepe, Rosa Garcia Schweden Irina Shujski, Shani Shtaingart, Ewa Z. Sleziona Schweiz Charlotte Fontaine Südafrika Jackie Hahn Czech Republic Tereza Čermáková
Exhibition 2010

Audrius Bagočius Litauen

Audrius Bagocius
Audrius Bagočius, born 1966 in Telsiai in Lithuania, has taken a degree in the goldsmith art in Telsiai in the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the year 1991 national enterprises were privatized. One of them was the collective combine of arts and crafts in Vilna, which produced products of applied arts, as clothes, porcelain and jewelry for all the Baltic Soviet Republics. Audrius Bagočius worked as one of the artists in this collective combine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union he bought one room in this collective combine and began to make his own unique jewelry as a goldsmith artist.
Audrius Bagočius gives a pleasure for friends of jewelry with his unconditional and precise handwork from titanium, silver and with highly explosive and colorful details of hand and laser graving. The archetype, the form of the perfection, the circle, is repeated in numerous variations in the jewelry of Audrius Bagočius. He managed to bring the old goldsmith technique into the everlasting harmony.
The jewelry of Audrius Bagočius could have been seen so far only in Lithuania. Numerous Lithuanian well-known personalities and galleries have turned to this goldsmith for his iron expertise and a sense of aesthetic and colors. Audrius Bagočius represents first time his jewelry in the Goldschmiede Selbiger in Berlin in Germany for the wide public.
Exhibition 2010

Gina Bulgamin Indonesien

Gina Bulgamin
Gina Bulgamin-Salo was born in the 1980 in Jakarta in Indonesia. This since 1997 in Finland living goldsmith bends and forces the silver in her collections, as XY, Melati and Pegasus into an explosive and variable dimension.
Two worldwide famous architects, namely Antonio Gaudi from Spain and Alvar Aalto from Finland, has inspired the goldsmith Gina Bulgamin-Salo for her collections XY and Melati. She managed to misguide her audience: In spite of the heavy metal her jewelry gives an impression of lightness and modern in design. Graphical contours and emptiness shape in her jewelry an organic three-dimensionality.
The goldsmith Gina Bulgamin-Salo as an independent entrepreneur has not only restricted to a field of goldsmith, but too she has practiced a co-operation with artists in the other fields. Just some examples let to know Gina Bulgamin-Salo has made a jewelry series in the co-operation with Janne Renvall, with the Haute Couture Fashion Designer in Finland.
Gina Bulgamin-Salo has taken part in numerous competitions. In the 2007 she took part in the design competition of the street furniture in Finland and was awarded the fifth prize. Two years earlier, in the 2005, she came in the third in the international jewelry competition, in the FABERGE-Biennale in Finland.
Exhibition 2015

Tereza Čermáková Czech Republic

Tereza Cermakova
Tereza Čermáková's way to the jewellery world was not a straight line. After finishing school in the Czech Republic she had a great desire to travel and spent many years traveling in and out of Europe doing all kinds of different jobs. When it was finally time to study, she chose the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome where she studied jewelry design under the tutelage of Claudio Franchi, master goldsmith and designer of the ring of Pope Benedict XVI.

Studying and living in Italy influenced not only her work and views on fashion and design, but also opened up her imagination.

Her ideas and inspiration derive from her childhood spent in the beautiful countryside; being surrounded and deeply connected with nature. Creativity is a long and emotional process for Tereza who has a connection with the outside world that feels like gravity many times. The idea matures over a period of time and adopts the right shape.
Each piece has gone through a soul searching process that has transformed a vision into a reality.
She works with the lost wax technique using silver in combination with perspex, which allows me her produce very fluent and organic pieces.

Since she likes surprises and secrets, this is what she brings into her jewelry, hiding elements that can only be seen at a second glance, having the observer pay careful attention to what the piece has hidden inside it.
Exhibition 2018

Karolis Černeckis Lithuania

Karolis Cerneckis auf Facebook Karolis Cerneckis auf Instagram
Karolis Cerneckis
Karolis is inspired by cities, people and tales.

Why tales? After all, every jewel, stone or metal has its own story, a story that can only be heard and spoken by the artist through his hands. He tries to find stories in precious metals and adorn them with gemstones. And he finds thoughts for these tales in the ever-striking baroque architecture. After all, it, like jewelry, creates an eternal value - a lack of authority over time. Through combining science and passion with a hint of alchemy Karolis creates art pieces that embody feelings, which brings them to life and allows leaving an imprint in history.

Ro Jewellery designed by Karolis Černeckis. It’s made of silver and gold using precious and semi-precious stones.
Exhibition 2012

Michaela Eger Italien

Michaela Eger
Exhibition 2009

Charlotte Fontaine Schweiz

charlotte fontaine
Charlotte Fontaine, born 1981 in Geneva in the Switzerland, joints together unconventionally materials as Bio-resin, silver and flowers from the silver. By this she conjures up the world of the frozen everlasting nature. Parts of from silver cast plants in transparent balls open the audience an optical fantasy world.
Charlotte Fontaine is fascinated from the ancient form ´circle´, which she transfers in her rings, brooches and hair pins. She has opened, cut and squashed this perfect uniform circle in her jewellery series “Cocoon” to give surprisingly rise to new spaces. Contours of metals and empty space create with light and shadows a playing sculptural piece of jewellery.
Her diploma has Charlotte Fontaine passed with honours in the Haute Ecole d´Arts Appliqués in the year 2004 in Geneva. In the year 2006 she was graduated for her continuing education as a teacher of art in the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. The audience could already see the jewellery art of Charlotte Fontaine in Austria, in the Netherlands and in the Switzerland.
Exhibition 2015

Suzanne Frieling Niederlande

Suzanne Frieling
Suzanne Frieling has worked since 2014 in its own shop workshop in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Her way there, however, was continuously but made quite a few side trips.

Suzanne began in 1993 to study in graphic design at the Lyceum in Zwolle. After two years of studies, she decided to change their training on a trip to Asia. She changed to become a gold and silversmith in the Vakschool in Schoonhoven. The goldsmith training was followed by the silversmiths training whose skills she deepened in a one-year apprenticeship in Maastricht.

After training Suzanne started at a tattoo and piercing studio and produced there bespoke piercings in one-off production. After a year she moved to the UK and worked over 12 years in various fields (among others she made mastermoulds in the gaming industry).

During the time in England she could always work as a goldsmith in their spare time and developed her own SF collection.

Back in the Netherlands she made in her own workshop unique pieces, small series and custom jewellery on behalf of their clients. Outstanding are their collections "flowers" and "time travel". While in the collection "flowers" the impressions from her time in Nottingham processed with the streets full of cherry trees and blossoms, Suzanne goes with her collection "time travel" to the trip in the past, or in the future.

In her workshop, she also offers goldsmithing courses. In eight-week course "goldsmiths for beginners" she gives the students the essence of beeing a goldsmith, techniques and materials, and what it means to open his own studio. Suzanne hopes to contribute in order not to leave the old job goldsmith extinct.
Exhibition 2019

Rosa Garcia - Sixtyfourjewels Spain

Rosa Garcia on Facebook
Rosa Garcia
Rosa Garcia's journey into the world of jewelery began one afternoon with a walk through the city of Madrid.
In a small shop, she could feel the magical power of artistic jewelry on her own body.
Then she studied goldsmithing in Madrid and participated in several exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona and Munich.
The production of jewelry gives her the opportunity to express herself and to be surprised again and again with new work tasks.
The key to her work is simplicity, asymmetry, deconstruction, abstraction, difference and the uniqueness of the imperfect.
Exhibition 2018

Gesine Garz United Kingdom

Gesine Garz on Instagram
Gesine Garz
Gesine Garz grew up in Uelzen in northern Germany and started her professional career with a painting and varnishing education. This was followed by studies in vocational school teaching in color technology and interior design as well as English in Hanover and Bristol.
After completing her studies, she moved to London in 1995, where after a visit to the goldsmith studio of a friend, she was captured by the love of the goldsmith's profession.
An apprenticeship as a goldsmith at the Sir John Cass School of Art and Design in London was the logical conclusion from this event.
Gesine has always had a great fascination for found objects and the collection of historical / antique objects, and so she developed the interest in Mudlarking, the search for fragments of the past on the banks of the Thames in London. All of the porcelain / pottery shards that she used in her jewelry for the exhibition are original finds from the Thames and come from different centuries.
Currently, Gesine is working for the British National Trust organization National Trust at the Bodiam Castle in Sussex, where she uses her photographic talent commercially. For the remainder of her time, she teaches goldsmithing courses and creates individual trinkets for online and private clients.
Exhibition 2016

Konstantinos Georgopoulos Greece

Giftforever on Facebook
Konstantinos Georgopoulos
Jewelry was part of Konstantinos life as far as he can remember himself.
Since the age of 12 he was helping his dad’s friend to his jewelry workshop, getting experiences and knowledge.
By the age of 18 Konstantinos was certain that he wanted to become not just a jewelry maker, but also and mainly an artist. He studied at the State School of Silver and Goldsmithing, where he took lessons of jewelry history, jewelry design and of course practicing lessons on a variety of metals and techniques.
After his graduation Konstantinos worked for a long time to various workshops, where he specialized in gold and byzantine design jewelry and later in contemporary jewelry.
It took him a long time to take the next step, his own workshop and his own designs. Now that Konstantinos has his own space, he is trying to gain the lost time. Symmetry and asymmetry, basic principles of today’s chaos, are taking shape through his own ideas. Tradition, boldness, culture, science, personal experiences, all are mixed for a final result that only the open-minded can understand and adopt.
Exhibition 2013

Vasilis Giampouras Griechenland

He started his professional career as mechanical designer, working in the field of industrial design for several years. However, his aptitude for more artistic expression led him to study design and creation of jewellery at Guildhall University, “John Cass” in London.
He create key- jewellery, small windows to imaginary worlds, messages of joy and optimism. Vasilis use material such as the enamel the transparency and variety of colors of which make possible the synthesis of unique images for each piece of jewellery . He also use titanium which has the unique property to bear colors that creates key-images which remind us of the positive aspects of life, like the rainbow.
Each piece of jewellery faced with fine metals, charged with positive way of thinking and positive energy is sent to find their owner. Feel their energy and discover their magic.
Exhibition 2012

Jackie Hahn Südafrika

Jackie Hahn
Exhibition 2011

Marike Hauser Niederlande

For Marike Hauser is the world as a treasure chest with full of ideas. Inspired of many impressions in nature, her everyday life and voyages she creates her collections in her atelier LUZ in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Her jewelry reflects impressions from the nature in the form of subtle timelessness. Forms of her jewelry collections are so far simplified and abstract, till a bright, clear and strong form has come in being. She creates strain and confrontations by strong lines, a play with depth and different materials, as in her collections “Kaurie” and “OHE”. Every one of her pieces is handmade.
A target of Marike Hauser is to transform a beautiful design and craft into a modern, individual and wearable piece of jewelry. And she adds an ecological perspective to her jewelry; If possible she uses the gold of the project Oro Verde in Columbine for her jewelry. The gold of the project Oro Verde is washed with ecological methods and the work of the gold wash is fair paid for the gold washers.
Marike Hauser has finished the Academy of Arts in Maastrich and the School of gold- and silversmith in Schoonhoven. A wide public has already got to know the goldsmith Marike Hauser; She has presented her jewelry in the exhibitions in the Netherland, in Germany and Mexico. In addition to this numerous galleries and fair shops have taken her collections in their ranges in Europe and in the USA.
Exhibition 2018

Viola Hermann Germany

Viola Hermann on Instagram
Viola Hermann
The master goldsmith Viola Hermann has been very adventurous since childhood. When she got her hands on acrylic plates a few years ago, she also started to try out what she could do with the plastic.
Today, her name stands for a modern, squeaky and colorful way to make jewelry. In the showcases of her workshop atelier are rings in all conceivable colors, color combinations and shapes. Objectivity is the clear distinguishing feature of this work. Techniques and fasteners are perfectly matched to the harmony between acrylic and precious metals.
Viola Hermann's customers can put together their jewelery individually, combine them with precious metals and create their own unique pieces on this way.
Exhibition 2006

Hilde Janich Deutschland

janich_1.jpg (47070 Byte)
Hilde Janich, born 1953, has fascinated with her art jewellery of parchment even for a period of 15 years in the field of jewel. Her choice for the parchment gives an unusual impressionable expression in her jewellery. The material parchment in her jewellery brings up new dimensions; transparency and depth of light. Even though Hilde Janich uses this fragile material in her jewellery, her chains and earrings are comfortable to wear.
This exceptional jewellery artist has not searched only the play of light and shadow, but too the rich scale of colours and abstract, geometrical forms. Hilde Janich creates a individual jewel with the minimal variability by repeating from parchment hand made geometric units with variable combinations of colours and different joint technique.
The jewel of Hilde Janich has been exhibited in galleries and museums in many countries, as in Germany, France, Great-Britain and Italy. In 1999 she was rewarded for her jewellery art of parchment in the competition “Loving Energy” in Tokyo in Japan.
Exhibition 2009

Kirsi Kaasinen Finnland

Kirsi Kaasinen
Kirsi Kaasinen represents a junger generation of Finnish jewellery artists. Characteristic for her jewel are architectonical and biological elements, with which she plays fabulous. Kirsi Kaasinen tears to pieces every element and joints them again together. This method offers Kirsi Kaasinen infinitely possibilities, as for example in the bracelet ´Metamorphosis´, to discover new expressions. Besides she is successful in modelling the illusion of lightness in spite of the heavy metal.
To broaden her professional experience Kirsi Kaasinen has worked by the goldsmith Michaela Binder in Berlin. Besides her studies in the Institut of Design and Jewellery in Lahti in Finland Kirsi Kaasinen has taken part in various group exhibitions. The public could acquitted with her jewellery art in Finland, Germany and Japan.
Exhibition 2005

Heli Kauhanen Finnland

kauha.jpg (30784 Byte)
Heli Kauhanen, born 1972, is one of the members of the jewellery artists´ group “X8” in Lahti in Central Finland.
Characteristic of Heli Kauhanens jewellery art is a reducing of non-visible and visible forms of nature; They have left impressions in her jewellery. Heli Kauhanen demonstrate lightness of wind and rotational motion in the metal with delicacy and iron solidity.
In her rings we can find prints of leaves, butterflies and even a phrase of old Swedish Bible, which reminds us of joys and sorrows in the past and present.
The drop form in her rings “Lacrima” calls up to mind a spring, the cooled air of a hot summer and a crystallized snowflake in autumn and winter.
A wide public in many exhibitions in Estland, Finnland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain could get to know the jewellery of this with diversity of nature inspired jewellery designer. In 2005 Heli Kauhanen was awarded a prize to Inspecta in the Biennial of Faberge in Finnland.
Exhibition 2008

Matti Kärsämä Finnland

karsama_portrait_gross.jpg (44945 Byte)
The mouth of the Oulu river, which joins the inland with the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland, grew up into a junction and trading centre already in the 15th century. Foaming and whirling waves brought with tar fully loaded boats from the inland to the coast. Today the water of the Oulu-river foams into the barrages of the gigantic water craft station on the shore of the river.
Even through the water is shut down, we can still find out the form of the dynamical water in the jewellery of the silver- and goldsmith Matti Kärsämä. He draws inspiration from the movement of water, from its waves and wild squirrels, which he has formed in the abstract form in his colliers “Continuity” and “Curl”.
Matti Kärsämä as a committed goldsmith of the traditional goldsmith technique has complete command of the forge. A silver-plate stretchers and tightens under the forge hammer to finally reach the form of “Sommertime”.
Since 1984 Matti Kärsämä works in his own workshop in Pikisaari, on the island of a colony of craftsmen and artists in Oulu in Finland. Creations of his own jewellery he has presented up to now in Finland, Norway, Russian and Sweden.
Exhibition 2005

Marie-Louise Kristensen Dänemark

krist-t.jpg (47574 Byte)
Marie-Louise Kristensen, born 1971, makes in her jewellery a subject of discussion about the bourgeois life of the Danish suburb in the 70´s and 80´s. A dream of colours and of the everlasting shining sun is distinctive for Yvonne, one of the figures of the Danish comedy “Olsenbande”. The hopping Benny, who is constant caring his briefcase, the cigar smoking Egon and the flower of the whole gang, Yvonne shape the “Olsenbande”, which is famous for its unsuccessful bank robberies.
The housewife of Kjell, Yvonne, is a charming, humorous and shrewd woman, who comes from the small town. She is a figure, who is yearning for large floral designs, specially for oxeye daisies, and who keeps through lucky chances the “Olsenbande” to the straight and narrow. Marie-Louise Kristensen is charmed with the situational humour of the “Olsenbande” and the femininity of Yvonne, which she metaphorical expresses in her various brooches. By joining fragments of different materials and inspired of this tragic-comedian band creates Marie-Louise Kristensen in her every piece of jewellery a new story. For her is the world of objects a wonder chest.
Marie-Louise Kristensen has finished a degree of goldsmith in the Institute of Precious Metals and in the goldsmith school in Kopenhagen in the year 2004. Beside her studies Marie-Louise Kristensen has presented her jewelleries in the many famous galleries and museums. Visitors could witness her jewellery art in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden, as too in the year 2005 in the gallery in Flensburg in Germany and in the exhibition “Alternatives Contemporary jewellery” in Rome in Italy.
Exhibition 2008

Guntis Lauders Lettland

lauders_portrait_gross.jpg (124682 Byte)
Guntis Lauders, born 1965 in Riga in Latvia, displays in his jewellery the whole palette of his imaginary in wonderful colours. In his jewellery we can find on the one hand clear and strong, on the other hand narrow and bending forms. The each other swallowed figures of animals are suggestive of the miniature painting of a book illumination in the Middle Ages. Huge, vast contours form the shape of imaginary figures, which are decorated with fine, narrow lines of silver and mammoth ivory.
The public could get up to know the jewellery of this unique and with prizes awarded artist up to now in Bulgarian, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Spain, Austria, as too in the Netherlands and in the United States.
Exhibition 2014

Franco Lipparini Italien

Franco Lipparini
Exhibition 2012

Sabine Majus Hansen Dänemark

Sabine Majus Hansen
Exhibition 2003

Martha Irene Leps Deutschland

We don't have any permission to show pictures of Martha Irene Leps and her work.
Exhibition 2017

Lorenzo Pepe Spain

Lorenzo Pepe
Lorenzo Pepe is born in Milan (Italy) in 1969.
Since 1997 he has lived in Formentera, where since the year 2000 he has dedicated his energy to making experimental jewelry. He researches a style quite distant from fashion, based on the formal and graphic study of natural harmony. He draws inspiration mainly from marine organisms and from their structures, textures and symmetries.
Always in search of an essential and native-born elegance, one that is timeless, granting his creations the very feeling of balance and serenity associated with the contemplation of nature.
His series "Small Creatures" is integrally composed of unique pieces modeled by hand in polyurethane foam and casted in lost wax casting process.
Exhibition 2017

Poppy Porter Great Britain

Poppy Porter
Poppy is an Abstract Artist/Jeweller based in the United Kingdom, she is synaesthetic, and has a visual response to music and sound that resembles a colourful, abstract animation.
She takes herinspiration for her jewellery and painting from the drawings generated while listening to music both recorded and live. Poppy works in two ways; a more freeform method that sculpts a piece up from a single material and a more formal, assembled way that incorporates a variety of materials.

She will present her current Project Strange Attractors.
Poppy's craft practice explores and expresses her visual and emotional response to music through her handwork. She works in series making three and two dimensional works of jewellery, airbrush painting and drawing.
Exhibition 2014

Farah Qureshi Grossbritanien

Farah Qureshi at work
Exhibition 2004

Mari Relo-Šaulys Estland

mari.jpg (24141 Byte)
The estonian freelance-artist Mari Relo-Šaulys finished her Bachelor of Arts studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1997. Subsequently she studied one semester in the University of Art and Design in Burg Giebichstein in Halle in Germany.
In her works she expresses the delicate poetry of day-to-day life, like too the mechanisms and forms of nature. Her exact contemplations of all-pervasive nature and surprising unexpected events of day-to-day life find their forms in her brooches, bangles and cornies.
Characteristic of the jewelleries of Mari Relo-Šaulys, as too of  her husband Adolfas Šaulys, are precise, to the last details thought-out and hand-craft masterly converted forms of ideas.
The jewelleries of Mari Relo-Šaulys could be seen in the numerous exhibitions and galleries in the Baltic Nations, in Finland, in Scotland, in Holland, in Poland, in Hungary, in China and in Spain.
Mari Relo-Šaulys is the permanent exhibitor in the Estonian Art Museum in Tallinn in Esthonia and in the Amber Museum-Gallery in Vilnius in Lithuania. (Litauen)
Exhibition 2006

Gabriel Ribeiro Portugal

Google+ site
ribeiro_3.jpg (43110 Byte)
Gabriel Ribeiro, born in 1965 in Portugal, derive his ideas for his jewel from the Portuguese culture, which is characterisized by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean and by the external and internal cultural exchange between three continents, between Europe, Latin America and Africa.The connecting element of these three continents was earlier the ship, which offered people an opportunity to discover new areas. Today lives an urban human being in the virtual world. Gabriel Ribeiro observes these two different worlds in his jewellery series “Urban”. He introduces into his jewel traces of the traditional and urbane city life in harbour town Porto, which lies on the north coast of Portugal. In this series he asks a question about a social and urbane typology, about a relationship of habitants to the old and new architecture. The modern architecture with granite and steel gives a cold sound for the town; A sound, which is contrasted with the old traditional Portuguese architecture. The track of a tram as a theme in the series “Percursos” reminds us about the transfer of inhabitants through this architecturally contrastive town landscape.Gabriel Ribeiro makes experiences with his hometown not only as an outsider, but too as a part of the complex urbane landscape. In his collection “City Imagination” he represents sculptural snapshots of daily city life. Meeting, communication and separation of inhabitants are enduring themes in the jewellery collection “City Imagination” of Gabriel Ribeiro.
Exhibition 2004

Adolfas Šaulys Litauen

adis.jpg (28633 Byte)
Adolfas Šaulys, the freelance jewellery artist from Lithuania, approaches form language of graphic, architecture and concept art in his jewelleries. This jewellery artist, who closed succesful his studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, shapes the external planes of bangles, earrings and rings with graphical lines and exactly geometrical forms. Adolfas Šaulys does not only content with the external plane, but also deepens his artistical expression of his jewelleries into the architectonic volumes. By that way the jewellery art of Adolfas Šaulys finds surprising dimensions.
In his jewellery objects, like "Chupa Chups and military taste" or " Two sisters" he asks a question about topical current events in the Baltic Nations.
Visitors could get to know of his works in numerous exhibitions in the Baltic Nations, in Finland, in Scotland, in Holland, in Poland, in Hungary, in China and in Spain.
Exhibition 2003

Anke Schmidt-Siegismund Deutschland

We don't have any permission to show pictures of Anke Schmidt-Siegismund and her work.
Exhibition 2011

Shani Shtaingart Schweden

Shtaingart portraet
Shani Shtaingart has taken over influences from the different cultures in her jewelry. She is born in Omsk in Siberia in the Soviet Union, immigrated to Israel and moved since two years to Sweden. She joins together the influences of Russian ornaments, the traditional handcraft of silver in the Middle East and the clear form language in Scandinavia.
As a result of her ability to join together sensitive influences of different cultures there are born elegant, even ethereal pieces of jewelry, which have a modern tone of the world of fashion. Tender flower motifs of lace or abstract archaic ornaments with a new elegant expression are characteristic for the jewelry of Shani Shtaingart.
Shani Shtaingart has got her education in the college of technic and design in Ramat Gan in Israel. In the art academy in Göteborg in Sweden she has finished further master courses in jewelry design from 2009 to 2010. She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Israel and Sweden. Since two years Shani Shtaingart manages her own atelier in Gothenburg.
Exhibition 2016

Irina Shujski Sweden

Irina Shujski on Etsy
Irina Shujski portraet
"Mysteriet löst" wrote the Swedish Aftonbladet on 9.4.2010.
"The secret is solved"? What secret?
The tabloid newspaper found out that the engagement ring for Princess Victoria was cast in the same jewelry workshop (GjutAkuten) as the legendary ring of Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
GjutAkuten is a jewelry casting house and goldsmith studio of Irina Shujski in Örebro, Sweden.
Your way to Örebro led them through many different stations. Born 1959 in Russia, she visited the Art College, graduated from the University of Architecture and the Dental College and worked in her own studio in Voronesh.
After 2000, now living in Sweden, she summed up all their knowledge and established her jewelry casting house and goldsmith studio, after a small detour via Stockholm, in Örebro.
Her jewelry style is shaped by the experiences and impressions she gained so far. Casted jewels are the major part of her repertoire. Here a model is manufactured in non-precious material first, such as in dental technology, which is finished by casting in gold or silver. You will find architectural constructions as well as forms of organic origin.
Irina Shujski has an incredibly wide range of shapes in their jewelry. She presented her jewelry at numerous exhibitions in Sweden and managed it to reach the Swedish royal family.
Exhibition 2018

Ewa Z. Sleziona Sweden

Ewa Z. Sleziona on Facebook Ewa Z. Sleziona on Twitter Ewa Z. Sleziona on Pinterest
Ewa Z. Sleziona portraet
Ewa grew up in Upper Silesia, the largest industrial area in Poland. Being raised in a landscape of steelworks and coal mines, naturally directed her interests towards industry and its influence on the life surrounding her. Wrought iron gates or floral cast iron elements of architecture – She was fascinated by the blend of the artistry and the weight they carried. Ewa fell in love with the fire and forge; two great forces of change and creation. This love led her to discover the phenomenon of jewellery; a perfect symbiosis of art, metalsmithing and engineering knowledge.

After graduating in mechanical engineering, she moved to Sweden. Living close to nature and slowing down the pace of life gave a new perspective on her interests. Ewa merged her love for jewellery, and passion for metalwork and engineering, and established her own company. Ewa's world has changed and creating objects of beauty has become her life´s passion. Ewa's first pieces were strongly influenced by decorative and monumental ironwork – the artistic splendour of fine scrolls and lines, with the passing of time the world around her, the beauty of Nature, became involved in her designs. Today Ewa's pieces of jewellery are inspired by moments she has spent in the gardens and nature. They comprise reminiscent of the alluring beauty, symbolic language and secrets hidden behind the delicacy of flowers.

Each piece of Ewa's jewellery is entirely hand- crafted, -carved in precious metals and gemstones. She finds that combining traditional old jewellery techniques perfectly underlines the distinctive quality in my pieces. Ewa loves the slow and time consuming process in the making of her jewellery, resulting in intricate floral patterns and unusual surface textures. It is the precise balance of colour and techniques that ensures the uniqueness of her jewellery, which is why personally cutting, carving and selecting the gemstones for their - shape, size, fineness, colour and cut, lends significance and meaning to each piece.

Ewa's collection includes one-of-a-kind collectable pieces that reflect her appreciation of individuality and uniqueness. Each piece has its own personality and story to tell.
Exhibition 2019

Marianna Stelmach - Raw Flow Jewelry Poland

Marianna Stelmach on Instagram
Marianna Stelmach portraet
The label of Marianna Stelmach "Raw Flow Jewelry" from Poland, says loud.
Raw materials and semi-raw gems are combined in an incredible symbiosis that creates an unconventional piece of jewelry.
Marianna Stelmach attaches great importance to the detail. Many of her pieces of jewelery have small parts or fragments of metal remnants, which, although they are wild but very harmonious, make up a large whole.
The jewelery gets a mystical look and seems to hide some secrets.
Exhibition 2013

Nina Vedeler Svendsen Norwegen

Nina Vedeler Svendsen
She has got her own goldsmith workshop in Baerum, just outside Oslo in Norway. She is also a member of “Baerum Kunsthandverk” a crafts-fellowship that are running a shop and gallery together in Baerum.
Her jewelry is all individually and handmade by her. She is using 925-silver and/or 585-gold, often adorned with gems of various colors and kinds. She is aiming in her work as much for quality of handicraft and user friendliness as for artistic expression. Her pieces are often inspired by lyrics, and by the forms of nature itself. As she wander through the beautiful Norwegian mountains and forests during the shifting of the seasons, she achieve both visual pleasure and imaginative stimulation which she tries to carry over into her artwork. All her pieces are marked with her own hallmark NV, registrated in the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. They are also marked with 925 or 585 to ensure quality of the fine metals.
Nina graduated as a goldsmith in Norway in 1982, and then worked in the workshop of Goldsmith Gaudernack for 2 years. In 1984 she startet her own workshop. In 1983 she got the diploma of gemmologi at The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, and curiosity and enthusiasm for the history of art brought her to a Master Degree in Art history at the University of Oslo in 2006.
Exhibition 2017

Kimi Te Spain

Kimi Te
Kimi Te is an artist who from her rigid upbringing has rediscovered her bravado learning in Rome’s relaxed ambiance.
Her inherited values are strong in her work while the fluidity from her experiences sculpts the structure and embellishes intricate fine work.
Emotion is one of the main components of her opus, which she draws from various interests and influences of her rich past and present experiences. It is said to set the stage for her work, succeeded by a dance between control and relinquish, a balancing act between sculptural craftsmanship and play; characteristics very much evident in her works.
Exhibition 2016

Susana Teixeira Portugal

Susana Teixeira
Two areas, Portugal on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Italy and the mountains professes Susana Teixeira as their living environments. Susana Teixeira, born in 1978 in Porto, moved between these habitats Italy and Portugal.
Her three-year training in jewelry design in Italy and Portugal as well as her mathematics studies opened Susana Teixeira a unique approach to fashion jewelry; The jewelry designed by Susana Teixeira increased playfully detailes to architectural monumentality. Due to her mathematical point of view and the reproduction of geometric shapes she formed exciting decorative surfaces in her jewelry. Susana Teixeira creates excellent forms that uses the old filigree techniques.
The audience met Susana Teixeira and her jewellery in many exhibitions and publications, including in Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal. Susana Teixeira is showing her precious pieces 2016 in kultS exhibition at Goldschmiede Selbiger to the audience of Berlin.
Exhibition 2014

Sotiria Togia Griechenland

Sotiria Togia
Exhibition 2015

Amy Torello Mexico

Amy Torello
Amy Torello has long been fascinated with jewelry, working in paper, glue, and colored pencils, she made her first collection at age eight. At age sixteen, she was introduced to silver-smithing and her fate was sealed.

After years of travel and a few career changes, Amy headed south, to mexico, and landed in Taxco de Alarcon, the colonial town high in the mountains outside of mexico city long known for its tradition of hand crafted silver jewelry. Here she had the great fortune to apprentice with several master silver smiths, as well as study at the ‘Escuela nacional de artes plasticas’, pursuing studies in painting, graphic design and glass enameling.
She later continued her studies in advanced enameling at ‘El circulo de buenos aires’, a society of artists dedicated to keeping old world artistic techniques alive.

These days we find Amy in her studio using a variety of methods to bring her ideas into life. Embracing both traditional hand-crafting skills as well as modern technologies and materials such as 3D printing and custom colored resins. Amy hopes to create something beautiful that brings true joy to the women who wear her collection.

Finding inspiration everywhere, she is especially fascinated with the relationship between color, texture, movement, and form. Translating these qualities into jewelry is exactly what keeps Amy up, late into the night.

Amy torello is a global nomad that takes every chance she gets to travel light and see the world. When not out exploring, Amy divides her time between san francisco and mexico city, where the navigations between history, art and traffic never end. And though it is true that an urban atmosphere is what most arouses her imagination, deep in her soul, she is daydreaming of houses by the sea…
Exhibition 2005

Ilona Treiman Finnland

treim.jpg (38672 Byte)
The Estonian Ilona Treiman, born in 1961, combines together without prejudices different materials, as aluminium, bronze, silver with enamelling and rubber.
A trace plays an important role in jewellery and miniature sculptures of Ilona Treiman. Fragments of objects and fragments of parts of bodies have left their marks in her works. A just closing and opening zip or a handprint in her brooches and rings uncover the presence of the human being. The human being is changing permanent his environment; He is touching and moving hundreds different objects every day. He thinks, that the human being can not live without objects, but can objects live on without the human being?
Ilona Treiman shows in her bracelet “Memory” and in her ring and brooch “Lace”, how the by grandmother with love crocheted lace finds a new life. Cast in bronze it radiates warmth of the loved person.
Jewellery of this philosophical thinking person, Ilona Treiman could be admired in numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums in Czech, Estonia, Finland, France, Great-Britain, Japan, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.
Exhibition 2008

Katrin Veegen Estland

veegen_portrait_gross.jpg (125304 Byte)
Characteristic for the jewellery artist Katrin Veegen is the exact and high quality of the technique of the goldsmith work and the deep philosophical world of ideas.
Katrin Veegen, born in 1978 in Tallinn in Estonia, approaches her themes by the definitions as “Relationship”, “Glory and Act” or “Trust”. For example in the brooch of “Relationship” creates Katrin Veegen a dialog between a mother and a child by her form language and experimental, unconditional metal technique.
In the year 2007 Katrin Veegen was rewarded for her personal exhibition as a best exhibition of the year in the famous A-gallery in Tallinn. Her jewellery art has not been exhibited only in Estonia, but too in the great many exhibitions in Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia and in the Netherlands.
Exhibition 2008

Ülle Voosalu Estland

voosalu_portrait_gross.jpg (99218 Byte)
Ülle Voosalu was born in 1954 in the famous university and former Hanseatic town, in Tarto in Estonia. By her unusual technique creates she a piece of “fit for wear” jewellery. She weaves together silver wire, glittering crystal stones and glimmering pearls.
The names of her pieces let us point to themes, which have inspired the jewellery artist Ülle Voosalu. She weaves a moment of the early morning hours, the movement of “Light” and “Flight” inside the shell, in which lines twine themselves wild among themselves and again drift apart. With this opulent play of materials creates Ülle Voosalu the impression of lightness and transparency in three dimensional space. Just these qualities give an unique feature for the jewel of Ülle Voosalu.
The jewellery artist, Ülle Voosalu, has taken a part in the numerous exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Russia. She works since 2001 as a freelancer jewellery artist in Tallinn. For the public it is possible to get to know her jewellery in the collections of museums as in the museum of “Applied Arts and Crafts” and in the A-gallery in Tallinn in Estonia.
Exhibition 2009

Eeva Väänänen Finnland

Eva Vänänen
By experimental work methods creates the young Finnish jewellery artist, Eeva Väänänen, a dynamic, varied and unconventional design. She draws her fascination for her jewellery form from the symbiosis of nature with the urban life. Wandering bears, called by Finns as “ City-Bears”, are not any more an unusual visitor in the Finnish cities. Too, other wild animals as wolves and elks have found their way to the cities and villages in Finland. As a result of the idea of Eeva Väänänen is born the beautiful brooch “ Beartaw”.
Eeva Väänänen views the form not only from outside, but too from inside. She explores the form, enlarges outlines of it and makes it to a fluent form with a new rhythm, which is to see in her jewellery “Tamarind”. This flowing and whirling form we can find out too in her brooch “Carioca”.
The jewellery artist Eeva Väänänen has passed with honours her studies ´Bachelor of Arts´ in the Institute of Design and Jewellery in Lahti in 2008. She is studying on in the university of Arts and Design in Helsinki since 2008. Eeva Väänänen has shown her jewellery active in many group exhibitions in Finland, Germany, Japan and Russia.
Exhibition 2019

Marius Zakaras - Zakarti Jewelry Lithuania

Marius Zakaras is always looking for new ways in making jewelery. He risks not adhering to standard ways of production but tries to "talk" with the "non-speaking things".
After finding a common language, he begins to control the material and tame the metal surface. He loves this challenge, which requires a certain amount of stubbornness.
In his works, he often uses the mystical metal titan, whose properties fascinate him again and again.
A good creative idea is always unexpected in his opinion. Experimenting and improvising are the bridges that separate his creativity from industrial production.
Exhibition 2013

Lesley Zijlstra-Eyre Niederlande

Lesley Zijlstra-Eyre
ART925 Edelsmederij - classic contemporary handmade silver and gold jewellery in the heart of the Dutch countryside; designed and hand crafted in the Alblasserwaard by Lesley Zijlstra-Eyre.
Lesley originates from England, and takes inspiration from the beautiful hilly Peak District landscapes which were home for over 30 years. Now the local countryside of the Alblasserwaard with its meandering rivers often forms the backdrop to her work. All designs are created from the highest quality 925 sterling silver or gold and imaginatively other precious metals or stones are often incorporated to produce an individual piece of unique art.
Lesley has studied her craft for over 20 years, following classic courses and workshops in jewellery design and manufacture in the UK and in the Netherlands. Now she takes her knowledge to higher levels, using traditional studio and self taught techniques to create you an individual piece of jewellery art that is totally handcrafted and finished in her home atelier.
Precious metal items where necessary, are hallmarked by Waarborg Holland and carry Lesley's own makers mark, ensuring you of the highest possible quality assurance.
Lesley is a proud member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers.