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kultS - Jewellery show in Berlin 2019

Lithuania Artist 2019

Marius Zakaras
Zakarti Jewelry

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Marius Zakaras portraet
Marius Zakaras Schmuck Marius Zakaras Schmuck Marius Zakaras Schmuck
Marius Zakaras is always looking for new ways in making jewelery. He risks not adhering to standard ways of production but tries to "talk" with the "non-speaking things".
After finding a common language, he begins to control the material and tame the metal surface. He loves this challenge, which requires a certain amount of stubbornness.
In his works, he often uses the mystical metal titan, whose properties fascinate him again and again.
A good creative idea is always unexpected in his opinion. Experimenting and improvising are the bridges that separate his creativity from industrial production.